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I chose to examine the 7th District congressional race because it was local to Woodbridge Township, the town where I live and work. There were four candidates running: Bob Franks, Republican; Maryanne Connelly, Democrat; Darren Young, Libertarian; and Richard C. Martin, NJ Conservative Party. This race was essentially text book. Bob Franks, Republican, the incumbent with a much larger bank account and a good amount of name recognition won with 52% of the vote beating Maryanne …

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…running in New Jersey. Connelly has been the Mayor of Fanwood since 1995, served on the Fanwood City Council for 9 years and was Police Commissioner of the City of Fanwood. She is also Past President of NJ Elected Women Officials, Chair of the Board of Trustees for Benedictine Academy, and a member of Human Resources Planning Society Organization of International Consultants. She is retired form Human Resources of At&t where she was employed for 28 years.