Franklin's Importance to the Revolution

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When thinking of Benjamin Franklin, it is difficult to imagine any other man who has performed greater deeds for the United States. He was instrumental in the creation of the very document that led to the birth of our nation, the Articles of Confederation. Working behind those who were younger and more ambitious, he influenced and assisted the Founding Fathers who wrote such documents as the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United …

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…toiled principally on the government of the new country. Instead, Franklin proved that he was a jack-of-all-trades, yet a master of many, as he assisted in the creation of the United States through as many deeds as one could imagine. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** “Benjamin Franklin: The Statesman,” (Online) Available, 16 September, 2000 “The French American,” (Online) Available, 16 September, 2000 “Postal Service, United States.” World Book Encyclopedia. 1986 ed.