Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Herbert Hoover

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The pragmatist Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the business elitist Herbert Hoover both believed they possessed the best remedy for America's depression. The issue of these former president's political spectrum standing has been throughly argued. Yet, it is quite obvious who possessed more liberal ideas, and wanted to change the government, versus more conservative ideas, and wished to keep the government the same. Though both Hoover and Roosevelt often exhibited ideas which reflected the opposite of …

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…Herbert Hoover believed in businesses, they created the economy, and thus their aid would help the United States out of this depression. This idea of working within the current capitalist system and not drastically changing the government was conservative. On the other hand, Franklin Roosevelt took a more socialistic standpoint in this desperate time, believing that whatever measures would fix the depression were also appropriate. Thus, Roosevelt's ideals of change constitutes him as a liberal.