Frankenstein reflecting Mary Sheley's values

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Throughout the novel ?Frankenstein? the composer Mary Shelley unambiguously reflects her values as well as that of her society. The context in which it was composed exemplifies profound statements of Mary Shelley?s time. Initially, conceptions of man and the human race are characterized, distinguishing man as dominant over women, merely perceiving them as objects of man thus creating gender roles of the early eighteenth century. On the other hand we see perceptions of greed …

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…s conception of the harmful consequences of science over nature becomes evident. Moreover we differentiate science as a symbol of man and nature as women, which was most likely a view determined by Shelley?s view of her mother and father since her mother was a feminist and father was a scientist. Thus, Mary Shelly includes these ideas in Frankenstein making imperative statements as well as reflecting values due to the context it was written.