"Frankenstein" by Mary Shelley & "Obasan" bu Joy Kogawa

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LIFE IS NOT ALWAYS FAIR: The novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and Obasan by Joy Kogawa, are both written by female authors. The novels use multiple tenses and similar narrative structure. Both stories deal with moral questioning and help us determine right from wrong. In both cases the outcast is treated badly and with disgust. The main theme in Obasan is the unjustness of the Canadian Government in World War II. Similarly, Frankenstein illustrates Victor's …

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…looks should not determine how a person is treated. You can certainly sympathize and also begin to feel what the outcast might have gone through (in these novels). These books also represent the qualities that can be found in all human beings. The need for a parents love & comfort, follow Naomi and the Monster throughout the novel. "Life is so short, the past so long. Shouldn't we just turn the page and move on?"