Frankenstein Reanimation

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Frankenstein: Reanimation In the story Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, a mad scientist named Victor Frankenstein is intrested in natural philosophy. One day when Victor was fifteen, he saw lightning strike an oak tree, and blast the oak tree in half, leaving nothing but a stump in its place. This event caused him to begin studying natural phenomena, especially the subjects of electricity and galvanism, two very new and exciting subjects of science in the eighteenth …

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…know that a woman had written it. In closing, throughout the eighteenth century electricity was used as part of the study of life, and the nature of man. It just so happened that Mary Shelley had been exposed to this before writing her novel and being able to somewhat back up the story. By doing this, it has allowed for many debates on the History of reanimation, and if the story of Frankenstein is true.