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Parallel Conflicts in Contemporary Society and Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein Frankenstein, by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelly, was one of the most original pieces of literature in the seventeenth century. Created in a contest among friends for the best ghost story, Frankenstein was a primary influence of modern science fiction (------ 329). Through his quest for human acceptance Frankenstein’s creation is shunned because of standards similar to those in contemporary society and is effectualy turned into a …

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…grabbed the child and started to run. When the creature pursued the man, he turned and shot him in the shoulder. From this day forth Frankenstein’s Creature would have a different outlook on humanity. Why was the Creature so brutally cast out? He was certainly not cruel towards any being, he never even lifted a finger to anyone. Reasons for the Creature’s rejection can be paralleled with contemporary society’s standards. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**