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“ ...The beauty of the dream had vanished and breathless horror and disgust filled my heart.” Chapter 5, page 56. A work conceived in beauty, an ultimate goal in mind, To create a human being, from bodies souls left behind. Misguided good intentions, a man determined to succeed, dismissing all around him, and ignoring his teachers heed. A creation first intended, by the creator to be good, but in life a hideous mistake, having features no human should. …

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…woes, the creation turns against his master, they are now mortal foes. The creator now alone, no family to behold, gains a life like his creations’, wandering alone and cold. Death is knocking at the door, alas it is on board, a creation bids its farewell, his creator lives no more. A suicide pact is promised, the monster in eternity will spend, Bringing closure to the evil, and the story to its end. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**