Frank Serpico: An Honest Cop

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A Fight for Justice Frank Serpico was an honest cop. He worked in the NYPD. He worked in many police departments and precincts in different boroughs, but mainly he worked in Brooklyn in the eighty-first precinct. When he came into the police, he saw that everything was wrong. Police officers were taking bribes from people and drug dealers. Serpico just wanted to be an honest cop. His perseverance pushed him to change all of this. …

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…Serpico decided to travel and he retired. The police in New York hated him and many threats had been made on his life. It was believed by many that the shooting was a police setup to get rid of Serpico. In conclusion, I want to say that Frank Serpico was a hero. He did the right thing by trying to tell about the corruption in the NYPD. His perseverance changed the ways of the NYPD.