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Francisco Franco Francisco Franco was born in El Ferrol in Galicia in 1892. He was going to join the navy, but instead he joined the army. In 1907 he joined the Infantry Academy in Toledo and graduated when he was 17. In 1912 he volunteered to be in colonial campaigns and was sent to the Spanish Morocco. He was promoted because he could handle the troops so well. In 1915 he became the youngest captain in the army. In 1935 he …

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…announcement which said that he was giving some of his power to Adolfo Suarez, whom he named prime minister of Spain. Soon, Adolfo Suarez was able to turn Spain back into a democracy and officially end the era of! Francisco Franco. Franco was a fascist dictator who ruled over Spain with a strong grip. With Juan Carlos now as the king of Spain, order has been restored, and democracy is back in Spain. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**