Francis Giovanni Bernardone.

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The Youth of Francis Giovanni Bernardone was born around September 1182 to Giovanna (Pica) and Pietro di Bernardone. When little Giovanni was born, his father, a very successful cloth merchant, was on a business trip to Champagne, France, to buy fine French cloth. In his absence, his mother had him baptized him John. When his father arrived home, he was outraged to find his son named John, and had it changed to Francesco, or "Frenchman". When …

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…proclaimed a Saint 1230 The body of Saint Francis is taken to the Basilica of San Francisco 1818 The body of Saint Francis is recovered during excavations in Basilia 1928 Pope Pius XII proclaims Saint Francis Patron of Italy 1980 Pope John Paul II proclaims Saint Francis Patron of Ecology The feast day of Saint Francis is October 4. I had a lot of fun doing this report and learned a lot about my conformation namesake, Saint Francis of Assisi.