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Following careful thought on which director to study, I chose Francis Ford Coppola. Although he has directed more films than I have had the opportunity to experience, I have viewed enough to understand his progression and style of his work. Over almost forty years of work, Coppola has directed about twenty-five films, produced near forty-five, composed two, and acted in eight. He is known predominantly for Apocalypse Now (1979) and The Godfather I (1972), II (1974), and III (1990). …

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…Francis Ford Coppola has achieved more than anyone could ever dream of. Coppola is, in my opinion, an auteur. He has written produced, composed, and acted in over forty-five films throughout four decades. His style and choice of genres, along with knowledge, experience, and flexibility has allowed Coppola to become a well-known, idolized director. After experiencing only a fraction of the numerous films that Coppola has worked on, I find myself wanting to experience more.