Formula 1 air racing

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An Overview of Formula 1 Air Racing Formula 1 air racing is what I think the most exciting form of air racing . Formerly called midgets the Formula 1 aircraft of today weigh about five-hundred pounds have a Continental O-200 engine. They usually reach speeds of 250 knots. Before I get into the high tech machines of today I will discuss some of the history of air racing and how it branch off to formula 1. Before world war II racing …

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…the scatter lap. Throughout the race which is typically eight laps around a three mile oval course you pass other aircraft as long as you keep them in site at all times. Passing high on the outside is the perfered method . Fling is done any where from sixty feet to two-hundred feet above ground level. The six pylons appear as fifty-five gallons drums on top of telephone poles and anytime a portion of your aircraft