Formation of africa.

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SCRAMBLE FOR AFRICA Egypt: For years, Egypt was ruled by a group called the ottomans. In 1811 Albanian Mohammed Ali took power and under his rule the economy and infrastructure expanded. Britain grew worried about Egypt's power, so in 1870 the French and British used the governments overspending as an excuse to take dual control. Eventually riots prompted British military occupation. ALGERIA: In 1830 the French came and occupied Algeria. Abd al kadir called for a Berber ji-had …

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…ANGOLA: The Portuguese landed here in 1482 and throughout the 16th century they took over the costal strip. The countries primal industry was slavery until it was outlawed in 1961. SOMALIA: When Egypt left their territory in Somalia in 1822, Great Britain quickly occupied it. The British were mainly concerned with keeping a route to India so in 1887 they declared a British protectorate. When the British left the interior of Somalia in 1920 the Italians took over. In 1936 they