Foolery and Revenge

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Foolery and Revenge In most of the plays written by William Shakespeare there is always some act of revenge or foolery. Whether it be in the gentlest of terms or set out to hurt someone intentionally, it is almost always present. Trickery can be seen in many ways. It can be simply calling some one names, or actually setting up a particular person despite the fact he/she has done nothing wrong. The two plays …

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…the kid in elementary school that got picked on at every recess. Hal and his group of friends take such joy in ridiculing Falstaff, they take every chance they can. It is until act three, scene three that Hal actually stands up for Falstaff. He prevents him from being arrested and leaves it at that. Hal and Falstaff go back and fourth. They play tricks and ridicule the other, but they always count themselves even