Florence Joyner

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Born Dec 12, 1959-Mohave Desert, CA Dolorez Florence Griffith Seventh out of eleven children Robert & Florence Griffith Father electronic techician-mother seamstress Divorced when 4 Moved from Mohave Desert to Jordan Downs housing project-Los Angeles Worst Inner City riots Barely made it-Oatmeal for breakfat-Lunch-Dinner To avoid conculsion with Mom family friends called her Dee-Dee Visit father chase jackrabbits, improve speed. 7 interested in track Elemetary school & Junior High-50 & 70 meter dashes-Sugar Ray Robinsion Youth Foundation For under privelage youngsters 14 won …

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…Won another gold 4x400 relay After fame rumor of steroid use denied use of drugs Feb. 25, 1989 announced retirement Devote time-writing, acting, desinging, modeling Lived Newport Beach,CA Earned many award after retirement Florence & Al-daughter 7 year old-Mary Sept. 25, 1998 Alarm went off-Al went into bedroom Try to awake Florence-called 911 Began sobbing-Awaken sound-Mary came into bedroom Relaized what happen Reached fathers hand said “Dad everything is going to be all right” “Mama is with god now” ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**