Flaws in society evident in Henrik Ibsen's, A Doll's House

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"A Doll's House…exploded like a bomb into contemporary life…ending not in reconciliation but in inexorable calamity. It pronounced a death sentence on accepted social ethics." What are the targets of Ibsen's criticism and what techniques does he use to expose the flaws in contemporary Norwegian society? "For whatever one's opinion of A Doll's House as a play may be, there can be no question of it's startling unconventionality." ('Flashes from the Footlights' Licensed …

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…style that audiences were not aware of or appreciative of, reconciliation was never a possibility. However this play, not intended to be a plea for woman's rights, but a call for all humans to be free, has made a significant contribution in constructing the society in which we live in today. Ibsen knew his play would prompt chaos and as he wrote in a poem, "I have never been one for shifting pawns." ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**