Flames of Hatred

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Flames of Hatred Just around the holiday season, in December, 1994, a flyer was tacked to the door of the Macedonia Baptist Church in Bloomville, South Carolina.1 The message on the door of this African-American church was at odds with the Christmas spirit of peace and good will: It was an announcement of a Ku Klux Klan rally. Six months later, after nightfall on June 20, 1995, the Macedonia Baptist Church was burned to the ground. Earlier that …

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…recognized. And we maintain that this problem requires a unified and determined response by national and state leaders in government and business, by law enforcement agencies at every level, by civic, religious, and educational organizations of all kinds, and by ordinary citizens in their communities, on their jobs, in their houses of worship, and in their schools. Once and for all, now and forever, it is time to extinguish the flames of hatred in America.