First Philippic against Marcus Antonius

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In Cicero’s, “First Philippic against Marcus Antonius,” he is offering his view on the political situation after the death of Caesar. His purpose for coming before the Senate is to drive them to the realization that Marcus Antonius and his actions are slowly breaking down the unity of the country. He praises Marcus Antonius for his fine speech, intentions, and promises, then points out the fallacies and unconstitutionality of Marcus Antonius’ actions. He reminds …

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…gain from my return are now mine. For the views I have expressed to you today re guarantee that, whatever may happen in the future, my determination shall be on record.” Cicero has planted the thought of doubt and disappointment in the minds of the Senators and he “nails the coffin shut” by putting in a remark that says, “You’ve been warned, so when it happens, I can say that I told you so.”