First Nations in British Columbia

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“By the end of the Victorian period hardly a people remained on the face of the earth whose social structure, culture, and basic way of life had not been more or less violently disrupted.” -Cell, ‘Imperial Conscience’1 When the first explorers reported that they had reached the Pacific coast, they mentioned that there were inhabitants already occupying the territory. Although sometimes reluctant to even bother reporting on the Native peoples, the explorers stated that it …

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…British Columbians have become less ignorant and more understanding; which truly lives up to the name of today’s ‘Canadian’. Work Cited: vBarman, Jean The West Beyond The West (1996) University of Toronto Press. vFisher, Robin. Contact And Conflict Second Edition(1994) UBC Press. vFrideres, James. S Aboriginal Peoples In Canada Fifth Edition(1998) Prentice Hall. vJohnston, Hugh J.M. The Pacific Province(1996) Douglas & McIntyre. vMcMillan, Alan D. Native Peoples And Cultures of Canada Second Edition (1995) Douglas & McIntyre.