Find 10 examples of political rhetoric used in the media & explain the various meanings. The examples are mainly general political rhetoric with a few specific references.

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1. "Medicare is the binding commitment of a caring society." In President Bush's State of the Union Address, he describes what medicare is to the public. I honestly cannot make any sense of this statement. It sounds like he is trying to make Medicare into something it is not. It appears that Mr. Bush is just trying to sound intelligent in my opinion. 2. "Axis of evil" This is the term by which President Bush refers to …

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…This phrase is used to imply that the U.S.A. is targeting possible or actual terrorists and more than ready for war with them. 9. "War on Drugs" This phrase is used to imply stricter drug policies on people and places by longer prison sentences, mandatory minimums, and many other tougher penalties for drug offenders. 10. "Third World Nation" When someone refers to a "third world nation", they are referring to a rather poor, "underdeveloped" nation.