Film Scene Analysis: the rowing scene from Ben-Hur.

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Analysis of a Film Scene Movie: Ben-Hur Director: William Wyler About 30 minutest in the film, the protagonist, Ben-Hur (Charlton Heston) is taken as a prisoner. He soon finds himself on the lower level of a battleship rowing with the rest of the prisoners. The establishing shot consists of an objective point of view of battleships on the sea. The dozens of ores moving the boat are clearly seen. This sets up the place and situation …

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…The tension is heightened with every increase of speed in the drumming and cutting of shots. Once "ramming speed" is attained and held for long enough to satisfy the officer, he commands a rest for the prisoners. Ben-Hur is shown in a half shot still staring (obviously although not shown) at the commanding officer as he leaves the lower deck. A shot of the ships floating in the sea with still ores ends the scene.