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Everyone lives in a different reality, that is why people enjoy watching movies. It gives insight into the world’s of others. Film directors strive to portray their characters’ lives as believable as possible. Many help set up the authenticity with costumes and such. In The Governess Goldbacher sets the historical reality with subtle elegance. In the scene where Rosina enters the dining area to inform her employers of her departure, all are dressed in …

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…that his “moral law” prevents him from carrying on the relationship knowing his jealous brother is against it. Rocco’s loyality is always with his family no matter what. From close ups on the couple we see that he truly believs the choice he’s made is the correct one, regardless of any contradicting feelings. From these four works by Goldbacher, Kapur, Scorcese, and Visconti we see how the different realities were shaped using mise-en-scene.