Ferdinand Magellan

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Ferdinand Magellan Ferdinand Magellan was the first man to ever travel around the world. His journey started on September 20, 1519. Five ships and 277 men set sail on what was to become the biggest voyage of all time. Ferdinand was a Portuguese seaman. He was born around 1480. When Ferdinand was 12, he went to train as a page at the court of Leonor. Leonor was the Portuguese Queen. King John II was into exploration and trade. Portuguese who …

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…in battle. He was refused by King Manuel to try and explore the world. He decided to work out a plan to reach the Philippines and the Sprice Islands by sailing west instead of east. If King Manuel didnít want his services, perhaps Charles I of Spain would be interested in his proposal. In October 1517, He left Portugal for Spain. He was never to return. He then represented Spain. He died in 1522. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**