Federalists vs Jeffersonian Republicans

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The Federalists and the Jeffersonian Republicans held opposing views on many issues. The Federalists, who included Hamilton and Adams, and the Republicans, who included Jefferson and Madison, had contrasting ideas and beliefs. Four of these issues were their idea of who should rule the government, the power of the government, national debt, and banks. The Federalists believed that rule should be by the “best” people, however, the Republicans disagreed. The Federalists supported a strong central …

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…the country’s government more complete. The Federalists contributed their idea of a strong central government, while the Republicans provided the foundation for a government in which the common people had a voice. Both parties gave each other the opportunity to see another side to the issues that were present at that time. The most beneficial action could then be discovered and taken to create the most efficient government that would most benefit the people.