Feasible ways in which humans can combine mass capitalism and environmental improvements

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Feasible Ways in Which Humans Can Combine Mass Capitalism and Environmental Improvements Subtitle: Expanding Capitalism into a Larger Global Mass-Capitalistic System, While Improving Our Global Environment and our Human Population’s Standard of Living There has been an ever growing met beginning n 0’s and 50’s, whose premise is to either control growth or halt it all together. This movement has rallied around a green flag preaching the philosophy of saving mother earth from the …

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…stability. Finally, by creating feasible solutions through technological development hopefully we can make continuous growth and the world’s ecological stability work as a developing partnership that will stimulate growth and create global prosperity. I realize that these theories are just ideas and that there are many variables that I have not considered, but I firmly believe that continuous growth and ecological stability are both feasible solutions to our current environmental, political, and social problems.