Faust The characters that define him

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Faust: a figure defined by the characters in which he interacts. In Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s Faust first part, Faust is a famous character of self-inflicted tragedy. The characters such as Mephistopholes, Wagner, and Gretchen imply those feelings, impulses, needs, and wants that many may face during a lifetime. Goethe’s story of Faust illustrates an interesting path that one may follow at a universal point where we feel we do not know our …

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…deception) but curious as to Faust’s fate. Faust, Part One does describe a human’s mortality and makes the reader think of similar instances in his own life. As each character slides into place to complete the Faust puzzle one realizes the similarities between him and us and the paths we choose. This slight fairy tale titled Faust imposes the importance of happiness and danger of temptation and appeals to all that discover it.