Faulkner's Image of Women

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The Women of Yoknapatawpha County Faulkner's intrinsic portrayal of his characters using his signature "stream of consciousness" style left much room for discussion on the true nature of his characters, however his portrayal of women was obviously that of despair as the female characters never transcended their lowly confinement. Caddy Compson was a victim of the disfunctional family, whose attempt to reject it landed her even worse off. Addie Bundren was also a victim, a …

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…an insane world and rejection to the insanity destroyed her and the whole Compson Family. Addie Bundren's emptiness with the lack of fulfillment were not solved by her marriage and births, she never escaped from words-emptiness. Temple Drake never escaped from Popeye until the very end due to her inability to do anything besides feeling sorry for herself. The women of Yoknapatawpha County are victims; they fought the disfunctional world in Faulkner's imagination and lost.