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FATE (Explain the line, “Fate will unwind as it must.”)in Beowulf The line, “Fate will unwind as it must,” (284) not only shows that the people believed they had no control of their destiny, but it is also relevant that Paganism was a significant part of their every day life. There are many illustrations throughout the poem Beowulf, that portray the importance of fate to the people. Often, the word fate was used as a …

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…to the fate of the monsters he had already fought. “Death was my errand and the fate they had earned,” (253-254). “Fate will unwind as it must,” is saying that the people left their lives up to fate, and whatever happens was meant to be, and that they had no control over it. This shows that Paganism was depended on heavily. It was also used as a way of saying that something had already happened.