Fascism in Germany and Italy

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Fascism in Germany and Italy Germany and Italy rose up under new leaders with a new type of governing policy. However, the same policies that caused growth lead to eventual collapse of these nations. Fascism grew because of extreme nationalism, fear, and governmental control. It failed due to absolute power by one man, its own aggressive nature, and lack of organization. Hitlerís rise to power can be credited for many reasons. Firstly, the Nazií…

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…advisers to help these two leaders. It seems that the fear that helped create the power contributed to its downfall because no one would question the solutions the men came up with. From this also spawned poor organization. For example Hitler, who controlled all of the army, left no power to his generals. Therefore, no one knew exactly what they could and couldnít do. All of these thing contributed to the fall of Fascism.