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FASCISM Fascism was an totalitarian political movement that developed after 1919 as a reaction against the political and social changes brought about by World War 1 and the spread of socialism and communism. It flourished between 1919 and 1945 in several countries, mainly Germany, Spain, Italy, and Japan. Fascism is a form of totalitarian dictatorship that had ideals such as extreme nationalism, economic self sufficiency and military strength. The dictators abolished all opposition against them and basically took complete …

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…strict government where they tried the hardest they could to mold their particular county into exactly what they thought it should be. In Francoís cased this proved to not have had many disaterious consequences. In Hitlerís case he was responsible for the outbreak of World War ll and the killings of over six million Jews. After studying this it makes me appreciate the democratic government we have here in Canada more and more.