Farm Crises in the US

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Crisis Among Us The farm crisis in America has struck millions of families. The devastation of low crop prices and the declining livestock prices has driven many families to poverty, or worse. Many Americans do not realize the affect of low prices on farmers, or the flooding of farmland. The flooding of farmlands in northeastern South Dakota has caused many farmers to move off of their land. The Government has recently declared it a disaster …

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…that, our farming communities would thrive and poverty would be reduced greatly due to job increases. Work-cited Carlson, Coralie. Farmers Rally in Washington, Seek Change in Policy. Star Tribune. 14 September 1999 DeFiebre, Conraad. Ventura Letter to Clinton Expounds on Farm Policy. Star Tribune. 21 September 1999 Kilman, Scott. The Deepening Farm Crisis causes heartache and tension. The Wall Street Journal. 17 August 1999: A1. True Grit. The Economist. 28 August 1999: 21 Williams, Florence. Great Plains Dispatch: Farmed Out. The New Republic. 16 August 1999: 8