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Government or Family After reading a recent article on were loyalties lie with the common foot soldier in the civil war. I put my self in there place and asked myself. Would I be loyal to my country or my family? After thinking of this for sometime I reached a conclusion. I would think that my loyalty would fall at home. But I think that my opinion might change given certain circumstances. The author gave …

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…The Civil War. Pg.128 2.) Levi Perry, from an article by Andy DeRoche, Blending Loyalties Maine Soldiers Respond To The Civil War. Pg.129 3.) Hannibal Johnson and his siblings near Columbia voted three to one in favor of Lincoln, John Sheahan and the others in Richland Prison voted sixty seven to seven in favor of Lincoln, and in Libby Prison Abner Small voted Lincoln to roughly three to one. From an article by Andy DeRoche. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**