Families and Their Influence in Slughterhouse-Five

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Kurt Vonnegut explores aspects and influences of families throughout Slaughterhouse-Five, specifically Billy's childhood, his adult family, and the family of Edger Derby. Families, though not always visibly, are a major influence to each of the different round characters in the story. Vonnegut's views and knowledge of anthropology are expressed through the characters; families and other small social communities are essential to the growth and development of a human being. Billy is unable to produce emotions …

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…Billy Pilgrim people read about in Slaughterhouse-Five. His unique personality is a direct result of his childhood and not from the war. Billy is just one of those people that is unable to successfully interact with other individuals and this is why he is never able to be happy. Perhaps if Billy receives the attention and love that he needs and deserves as a child he would be more capable of being a healthy adult.