Fame, Honor, and the Pedestals

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Fame, Honor; and the Pedestals They Rest Upon America as a country does a lot to honor the good citizens among it. There are such things as The Prudential Honoree Association, which gives out rewards to citizens who have done noble things. However, America as a people doesn't honor the good citizens at all. Good acts such as the creation of noble causes, inventions benefiting the good of people, acts of courage, and acts to …

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…screen stars. But perhaps the four individuals do have something in common. The charismatic citizens are not recognized, yet the movie stars are recognized easily. America is a society that looks up to its wealthy and famous citizens, rather than its good citizens. If researchers, campaigners, doctors, or any other respectable persons were looked up to by the general American public, then their pedestals of fame would surely be higher than that of media stars.