Fall of the Roman Empire

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The Roman Empire lasted for over a thousand years; from 756BC to 476AD. But from 180 to 476 Rome decreased. There are many, many reasons that it decreased. At one point it was said that Rome was “more respected than feared.” That was said only 42 years before Rome began to decrease .How did this world domination go from being the most powerful empire in the world to completely nonexistent? That is what I’ll be answering in …

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…lasted longer. If the wealthy and the poor were more considerate to each other, than could they have founded the “New World” and we would be speaking Latin right now. If the emperors would have been chosen better, could we have had electricity in every home in 1876? If Rome could have just kept things under control, imagine all the gifts they could have given? Who knows what would have happened if the Roman Empire lasted?