Fake I.D.s a Dangerous Game describes the motives and the dangers of using false identification

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Why do underage students use fake IDs? A fake I.D.: a fraudulent identification that is illegally used. The use of fake ids is becoming increasingly popular at universities not just here but nationwide. What is the cause of this fake id explosion? They are easier to get now than they ever have before. With the wide spread use of the internet it's conceivable to buy about anything you can dream up. Just fill out …

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…they come in a variety of looks from street clothes to the white van with tinited windows sitting outside the liquor store, and if they catch you I college kids bank and break the your resume with the Class B mistemeanor that you will recieve along with up to $1000 fine and/or 6 months of jail time. If you think its worth the risk the only advice I can give you is, I hope its good.