Faith vs. Temptation

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Faith vs. Temptation Temptation, at one time or another, has touched all of our lives. What made us choose one path over the other? Was it your faith in God, your knowing of what was right and wrong, or was it the influences of the loved ones you not only surround yourself with, but the one you have trusted to lead down the straight and narrow. All of these questions come to light in Nathaniel …

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…no matter how strong his faith, temptation was stronger. Brown tried many times to turn back, but as the devil tore away at his beliefs, the further the young man traveled down the lonely path of temptation. Weather it was a dream or reality; the faith of Young Goodman Brown has been weakened. Is it too late, or can the Young Goodman Brown regain the strength of his faith by “standing strong against the devil?”