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Lawrence's works details how the mendicant orders arose before and during the thirteenth century. Europe supported the establishment of the church, implemented change and reform leading to heresy and separation. Lawrence regards the "revolutionary situation" (page 225), as one resulting partly by the growth of towns and the general population. Due to social changes within medieval Europe itself it sought control and threatened the stability of the Church and of the religious beliefs of the people. …

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…Reformation. So the Cathars in southern France were able, to field their own clerical hierarchy, and eventually oppose to that of the Catholic Church. One means of coping with this situation was provided in the rise of the Friars. Whether Dominicans. Franscisians or of other orders, these mendicants attempted to revive the spiritual roots of the Church, of Christianity in general. Work Cited 1. Guralnik, David B. "Catastrophe". Websters New World Dictionary of the American Language. 1976.