FDR and Pearl Harbor

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Roosevelt and Pearl Harbor In the book “Roosevelt and Pearl Harbor”, Baker attempts to seek the answers that many have asked since the event: (1) Could Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) have done more or less to prevent the devastation of the Pearl Harbor, (2) Did FDR provoke the war, because he could not prepare for one, (3) Was FDR primarily interested in extending his personal power, and lastly, Was FDR in engaged in a rescue mission for Winston …

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…be dealt with accordingly. The isolationists were considered powerful and influential people of business and society. They could effectively persuade the American people, which in turn could influence their congressman, and impact decisions made on Capitol Hill. The men of industry were persuaded to accept the governments defense contracts, turning away from the profits of the consumers was difficult at times. This too impacted FDR because of the military’s need for more defense equipment.