Eye Of the World

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{Book One of: THE WHEEL OF TIME} Title: The Eye of the World By: Robert Jordan Length: 782 pages The Below are the chapter names and following them will be a short summary of each chapter. Overall the book was excellently written the imagery that it portrayed was excellent although at times the character development was more then drawn out, but in this particular book it suited the plot and the fantasy theme that it tried …

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…at dawn. Day B2 Late in the day the hear the Black Wind. Day B3 Leave the Ways at dawn. Arrive at Fal Dara Day B4 Leave Fal Dara for the Blight. Camp near the Seven Towers Day B5 Find the Eye of the World. Victory at Tarwin's Gap. Day B6 Leave the now destroyed Eye of the World. Day B7 Arrive late afternoon back at Fal Dara. Day B14 Last scene of the book.