Explore the way Shirley Jackson uses symbolism in "The Lottery" to develop theme.

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For most literary works, numerous figurative techniques and writing skills are utilized in extensive ways by the author to get the writing enriched. "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson is a typical example of that. It tells a story about a bizarre tradition which is called "The Lottery" in an old village, the individual who wins the lottery will be killed by others. Throughout the short story, we can distinguish that the observance of the lottery …

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…are portrayed as executioners. It appears the tradition has deceived those people and leads them in a wrong way, making them unable to judge the goodness and the bloody violence. Consequently, by the usage of symbolism, the insignificant or improper behavior of humanity has been exposed clearly; Shirley Jackson really enhances the theme effectively by that method. Meanwhile, we profoundly feel that it is necessary to inspect our traditions which are out of the way.