Explains the United States' and the USSR's political and economic concerns at the end of World War II

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The United States and USSR's political concerns couldn't have been more different. Before the war America was going through the depression without any logical way out. The war increased the economy tremendously and the loss of life was nothing in comparison to the 25 million in Russia. America's big concerns were a post war slump and the role of the government which was in question again since they were afraid of falling back into a depression. …

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…miles of coast, which made it more vulnerable to attack. With cities in ruin Stalin set out to rebuild, but concentrated on transport and heavy industry first starving villages of manpower. His efforts still concentrated mainly on defense. At the same time Stalin still reined in communist parties in France and Italy, and was ordering them to eschew a revolution. His goal was still the same, even though his country had not yet recovered from