Explains how physical comedy is used in A Night At the Opera. Does a great job explaining the greatness of the Marx brothers

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A NIGHT AT THE OPERA <Tab/>A Night at the Opera, directed by Sam Wood, is a comedy featuring the Marx brothers. Each of the three brothers has a distinctive characteristic which they are known for. Groucho plays Otis B. Driftwood who is a quick talking man who twists words around to trick other characters in the film. Chico plays Fiorelli a man with an Italian accent and is the least …

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…beds and becomes baffled and the scene ends before he finds the stowaways. As you can see, these two scenes are effective in making the film achieve its goal by using physical comedy to create a cinematic classic. Both scenes are over the top and Driftwood is the character that ties everything together. The scenes may be different, but both are comical and wild which makes them very funny and entertaining as well as renowned.