Explain why the liberal regime of Italy faced considerable problems in 1914.

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Even in 1914, Liberal Italy was still a flawed state. There was much political unrest, with the government in a weakened state. In the South there were peasant uprisings, and in the North there were numerous strikes by the workers. These culminated into times such as 'Red Week' in 1914, when a mass series of strikes almost crippled the already feeble economy. All of these strikes had the effect of scaring the middle classes. Sometimes the government …

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…In addition to this the reputation of the Italian army was very poor, not having improved at all since the humiliations of earlier years. In conclusion, Italy was faced with so many different problems. Politically and economically they were extremely weak. On the home front the government's reputation was poor, with knowledge of the corrupt system, and their military was a national embarrassment. The government would have to shape up before any improvements were visible.