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In a sense, The United States has been "expansionistic" from its very beginning. The 13 English colonies, clinging to the eastern seaboard, were determined to push westward despite all natural and political obstacles. Once established as a nation, the United States went about acquiring even more land, including Florida, the Louisiana Purchase, and the Mexican Cession. The expansion associated with the late nineteenth century was was just one chapter in a long book. - Founding of …

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…colonies 1607 - Lousiana Purchase 1803 - Annexation of Florida, Oregon, and Texas (1845) - Gadsen Purchase 1853 - Manifest Destiny (1840's- 1850's) - Imperialism - Darwanism - Open door Policy - Defense - Spanish American war renewed force of expansionist - Annexation of Hawaii 1893 - Roosevelt Corollary - monroe doctrine - contiguous states vs. non-contiguous - Diety These are a few areas in which one can study to form an essay concerning expansion during the nineteenth century. Bibliography