Existence of God Benedict De Spinoza vs. Rene Descartes

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Existence of God Benedict De Spinoza vs. Rene Descartes In Spinoza's view God is a substance that includes eternal attributes and their necessity. One of the proofs for existence of such a substance is that something does not exist if and only if something else prevents its existence. For example, people walk on earth instead of flying on it, because there are rules of gravity that prevent people from flying on earth. Gravity influences everything, …

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…view of will and intellect was supported by a very reasonable proof such as " I think therefore I am". The idea that when the will is limited to the understanding things are perceived clearly and distinctly convinced me until Spinoza came along and destroyed it all with his deductive conclusions of will, intellect and essence. All I believe now is that there is one substance that has infinite attributes of which each expresses eternal essentiality.