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The existence of God is explained differently in Anselm’s Ontological Argument, and the “five ways” of Thomas Aquinas. Anselm relies less on his sense’s to come up with an explanation of the existence of God, where Aquinas depends on his senses, and the natural environment around him. Anselm goes about proving God’s existence by disproving the fact that he doesn’t exist, which is a different way of approaching things. This is …

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…perfection, and finally the ultimate director of natural things. Aquinas seems to try to explain himself more thourohgly than does Anselm. Overall it seems Aquinas tries to prove his point more than does Anselm, who tries to keep it simple. This simplicity just raises more questions, but at the same time leaves more room for explination where Aquinas states all he has to say and has little room to move on his position. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**