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Khatin, Tahara Cut, but cut not too much Cut, cut, cut But Not Too, much. Then close it up and let God weld the whole. Then cut again, reweld, and cut again. Allah wishes it Women excised Once Twice Thrice Khatin, Tahara, Khatin. Evelyne Accad Through most of the 1900's a loud uproar has reached the ears of American men. This is the cry of their suppressed women, wives and daughters. Women cry for equal …

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…fifteen years, but. . . After all who actually has reached the point of perfect equality? The question remains whether the men and women will continue with tradition or find the much-needed reasons to drop the old ways. EXCISED Bibliography Accad, Evelyne. The Excised. The Continents Press, Inc. 1994. Jabra, Jabra I. Hunters in a Narrow Street. Lynne Rienner Publishers, Inc. 1997. Lightfoot-Klein, Hanny. Prisoners of Ritual. Harrington Park Press, 1989. Saadawi, Nawal El. Woman at Point Zero. Zed Book