Evolution of THe American Free Market Economy

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From the early day of the colonization, trade and commerce has played an important role in the forming and shaping of civilization in America. The first English settlement at Jamestown was established for the sole purpose of creating a source of revenue and profit for individual investors and the mother country. The vast majority of people who migrated to these new lands during colonial times did so not to escape religious and political persecution (although …

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…from such humble beginnings, in a short period of time, grew to become greatest the world has ever seen and has elevated the quality of life mankind to levels that not even the boldest visionaries of the day could of predicted. Works Cited Kirkland, Edward C. A History of American Economic Life. New York, NY: Meredith Corporation, 1969. Nettels, Curtis P. The Emergence of a National Economy Volume II. New York NY: Holt, Rinehart and Wilson, 1962.